Buying a Valentine’s Day Gift As An Investment

Is It Right or Wrong or Something to Think About?

What is an investment, and should I be thinking about investment when I am purchasing something of value for my sweetheart? Can I be investing in day jewelry, gold bracelets, or beautiful sparkling diamonds and still know that I am also investing in being forever connected?

An investment is defined as having to sacrifice a present asset like time, money, or effort. So if I invest my time, money, and effort into purchasing a beautiful jewelry gift, will I be covered on Valentine’s Day?

I was driving back home from a pawnbrokers meeting. I was thinking about how people invest all kinds of money into gold jewelry, romantic gifts, or the perfect jewelry to say in one or two words that I care.

I also know that I am always thinking about financial and personal investment.

car investment

A Car vs. Furniture vs. Bullion vs. Jewelry

I got to thinking, is a collectible car an investment? The problem is it gets worn by the number of miles you drive. Gosh, vehicles depreciate as soon as you drive off the sales lot. You double-check its value a few years later, and you are bottoms up for a while depending on how it was financed.

antique furniture

Is furniture an investment? Does it increase value over time? Well, maybe if you can keep people from scuffing it up or spilling things on it. Antique furniture can give delectable styles, which are sought after over time.

Gold Bullion and Coins

How about bullion, silver, and gold bullion. Are these investments also appropriate for Valentine’s day gift that says “I love you?” Would a man or woman want this? What if it was nicely packaged and you took the time to search words that stated how the value of the bullion would increase over time, like the forever connected feelings you have for your sweetheart.

Would a beautiful piece of gold bullion lead to a forever kiss?

Then I kept pondering while driving. Fine watches like Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Phillipe are in themselves an investment, and they are expensive to purchase and take an investment of your money upfront. They take your time to find just the right luxury watch, and they make an effort to do things right and meet with a jewelry consultant to know precisely what you are buying.

I would think that luxury watches are an investment.

For some men and women, the divine fine watch you selected would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone special out there. The luxury watch would increase or hold its value over time. Even if you could find it at a lower cost on a Valentine’s Day online sale, you would still have an increased value over time.

luxury watch

Investments are like falling in love, and it takes time. To get to a point where you have a return on investment, you have to put in the time and effort needed to achieve that goal. If your goal is to be forever connected with your spouse, it will take time, effort, communication, and foresight to merge two lives.

I shifted gears, and so did my thought process. Are luxury handbags and investment? They sure can be expensive. Louis Vuitton and Chanel are two of my wife’s favorites. She doesn’t have a” favorites limit” as you would have on all your devices. She has several favorites.

I have noticed and been excited that you can buy a gently used designer handbag at a pawnshop for an affordable price, and then the value of that bag will continue to hold or increase. Some classic vintage luxury handbags sell for more than they sold for new. Maybe this is the perfect gift for your wife.

Luxury handbag

Valentine's Day jewelry is on sale everywhere.

Big box stores are running ads. There are sales about Valentine’s Day specials online and at stores that say you can avoid the severe winter storms and pick up today in the store pickup area of their parking lot. I am not sure that this would be my approach if I were shopping for a gold ring or the perfect jewelry for my loved one. Maybe if the big box store had a jewelry consultant, I would feel a bit more confident.

Diamond jewelry

At a pawn shop, you can complete a visual search on the shops’ online store and pre-select a few different jewelry items to look at when you arrive at the store. The photo upload used by pawnshops typically has a new image feature to update pictures, and you can scroll through various images of the beautiful jewelry gift you selected. Pawnshops have same-day delivery and pickup today options. They have consultants and experts who will answer your questions.

Some of the pawnshop websites have chat guest services, so you can ask questions before driving to the store.

gold bracelet

Many pawnshops have Valentine’s Day Sale jewelry listed, and you can save a lot on sterling silver earrings and gold bracelets. The key is to shop early, so you don’t miss out on finding the perfect valentine’s day gift.

By buying something on sale, you will be investing less than if you purchased the item new or from the pawn store if it wasn’t on sale. This will add to your return on investment for the gift, but the investment on forever connected is the same. It’s as if you are financing expressing love, and it should never be stressful.

Did you know that stunning sterling silver jewelry is a jewelry item at a pawnshop that the jewelry experts know a lot about and can typically find? If you are looking for a pendant, it may just be the thing. They also have rings if you want an engagement ring in vibrant gemstone styles.

Western Jewelry and Loan

As I pulled up to Western Jewelry and Loan, I was excited to find the Valentine’s Day gift I wanted as an investment in both gold and love. I knew I wanted something that said: “forever connected.” The store was full of romantic gifts, and I knew I was in the right place.

I chose Western Jewelry and Loan because I had heard they were easy to work with, had experts, and Valentine’s Day was important to them. I had heard that they buy, sell, and pawn on luxury handbags, diamonds, gold jewelry, and bullion. I knew I couldn’t go wrong!


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