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Genuine or Fake? Spot Designer Bag Authenticity!

How to tell if a designer’s handbag is genuine or fake? Is a question everyone should have an answer to, especially those who are fashionistas. Designer handbags are a coveted item that many women dream of owning.  They are a symbol of status and luxury, and owning a designer handbag is often seen as a

Louis Vuitton Handbag On Brown Background

In Love with Pre-Loved…Where to Buy Affordable Designer Bags

Designer bags are fashionable, typically demanding a higher price because they are made by a famous designer rather than in large quantities in a factory. Designer handbags are individually made and can be an everyday bag, shoulder bag, leather bag, mini bag, crossbody bag, chain strap bag, Marc Jacobs bag, tote bag, Louis Vuitton bag,

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