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How To Analyze The Right Price Of Jewelry From A Pawn Shop?

Buying and selling jewelry at a pawn shop can be a wonderful experience for several reasons. First, you may find unique items that you may not find at a regular retailer. Second, you get the right price for the right piece. Third, you can find a wide range of things ranging from necklaces and pendants, to earrings and bracelets in one place! Fourth, a pawn shop would have something new to their inventory every other day! Yes, unlike a general jewelry retailer, who just sells certain jewelry, a pawn shop has a lot to offer, and thus, the inventory has a lot to showcase!

Now that you are briefed about why pawn shop jewelry is better than generalized jewelry shops, let us demonstrate a few tips to analyze the right price to buy and sell jewelry at a pawn shop.

Tips to Buy Gold or Silver Jewelry from a Pawn Shop

Although buying jewelry from a pawn shop can benefit you in great ways, you can still be robbed if you do not do your homework! Hence, today we are sharing with you a guide to successful jewelry shopping from a pawn shop.

Decide what kind of jewelry you want.

Before visiting a pawnshop to buy jewelry, we suggest you decide what kind of jewelry you want and on what budget. Knowing beforehand whether you want to buy gold or silver jewelry or want a diamond piece will help you easily choose from the lot. Also, setting up a budget will help you avoid overpaying for your jewelry shopping.


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Research for the purity of the jewelry.

Now that you have decided what jewelry you have to buy, it is important to understand how the purity factor works in buying gold and silver jewelry.

In the case of gold, you should understand that 22-karat gold jewelry is purer than 20-karat gold and thus, may cost more. Similarly, silver jewelry with more components of silver will cost more than jewelry with lesser components of silver

Also, it is common knowledge that silver jewelry can be available at cheaper rates than gold jewelry.


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Carry cash to the store.

The bank authorities in Los Angeles charge the pawnshops more taxes upon the purchases. Thus, most pawnshops or pawnbrokers preferably sell gold and silver jewelry in a cash-based transaction. Hence, if you are visiting a pawnshop to buy gold or silver jewelry, always try to carry cash for the purchase.

Take your negotiation skills out of the bag.

Pawnshops are not professional jewelry retailers. They just sell gold and silver jewelry to compensate for the price they lend to the original owner of the jewelry. Hence, there is always a window for negotiation in the price!

Take your negotiation skills with you on your next venture to buy gold or silver jewelry from a pawn shop! Although you must know the actual price of the jewelry, certain negotiation skills will not harm you in getting a cheaper price for a desirable piece.


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Final Words

Pawn shops are the best place to find the most unique gold and silver jewelry. You may even find some of the best pieces at an affordable price! However, you should always do your homework to ensure that you do not get robbed of your money while buying gold or silver from a pawn shop.

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