Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings Say “I Love You” and Merry Christmas

Earrings have been worn for thousands of years. Stud earrings are simple in design and comfortable to wear. They are suitable for almost any outfit. They tend to be a jewelry box staple.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are usually made from precious metals. Yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, rose gold, and platinum create a chic and elegant look. Platinum and white gold have a bright white look and have cool undertones, making these metals lovely against cool skin tones.

Yellow gold is classic and traditional, and has a warm undertone. The choice of which stud earring to purchase is based on personal preference. Considering what other jewelry pieces are part of your loved ones collection may help you choose the best diamond stud earrings.

Shopping for cheaper stud earrings may not be the best bet. Some stud earrings are made of non precious metals, and these may cause metal allergies.

Stud earrings can be crafted with diamonds of all types. Studs can have different setting styles, like a bezel setting or halo settings.

There are diamond studs with round diamonds, blue Nile diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and lab created diamonds. The shape of the diamond is the biggest impact on the style of the diamond stud earrings. Pear shaped diamonds will have three prongs, and princess cut diamonds will have four prongs.


Diamond Stud Earrings

Four prong settings have the most classic, traditional look. Bezel settings have a sleek, contemporary style. Halo settings are highly glamorous. The type of precious metal used will also impact the style of the diamond stud earrings.

Getting the best value to help your Christmas budget, consider diamonds in the H to K color range. With diamond stud earrings, you can get away with going lower in color and clarity.

The sparkle found in different styles may have screw backs or friction backs. There are many types of earring backs.

Earring Backs


Leverback earrings hook through a piercing and fasten by gushing a level at the base of the earring closed. They have curved ear wires and are considered easy to wear. They are often associated with dangling earrings of different sizes.

Friction Backs

These earring backs are called pushed on, or post backs. These backs are the most common type of earring backs. The backs slide onto a straight earring post. They can be made of metal like gold or plastic.

Screw Backs

Screw backs screw on the earring post. They provide a secure back because they screw into place and firmly lock. They are a wider back, which allows larger diamond stud earrings to rest more comfortably on the ear. They are a little more expensive because of the modification needed to make the backings work.

La Pousette Backs

The backs povide a balance between comfort and security. This back helps people wear expensive earrings without fear of loss. They are easy to use, because they don’t have to be screwed on.

Latch Backs

Like leverbacks, latch backs snap into a small hole or latch. It’s like a latch on a gate. With the post lock secure into the latch, the earring is secure and doesn’t slip off the ear.

Omega Backs

Omega backs have an open center that the earring post passes through. This creates a secure way to wear earrings, so they don’t fall off. There are a few parts to work with, and this makes it easy to use.

Fish Hook Back

These are clear rubber earring backs. They slide over the post of an earring or over the fish hook earring, and right up against the back of the ear.

Diamond Stud Earrings are a Good Gift for Christmas

Diamond stud earrings are a great gift and make the statement that someone loves the wearer and is special to someone. They are a fine jewelry choice for good reason.

Stud earrings come in various stone sizes, are a one-size-fits-all, and look spectacular at any price point. The carat weight of the diamond stud earrings isn’t a concern, because diamond stud earrings are beautiful.


Diamond Stud Earrings Jewelry

Five Reasons To Give Diamond Stud Earrings

  1. They are timeless. When you get your ears pierced for the first time, your first earrings are a pair of studs. The small, lightweight earrings are easy to clean and keep the channel open, so it heals. You can wear other earrings in the future. Over time, earrings are selected based on age, personal preference, and style. Stud earrings are versatile and are worn by people of all ages. They are a foundation style statement.

  2. Perfect for daily wear. Stud earrings are versatile, they are convenient. They can be worn for days on end, without worrying about whether they go with the necklace you chose to wear, or the outfit you want to choose for a business meeting. They are comfortable and easily matched with other jewelry pieces.

  3. Color and gems are nice additions to your stud earring selection. There are new designs that incorporate precious and semi-precious gemstones into stud earrings. Diamond stud earrings are elegant, but adding a little color may be just the thing. Wearing stud earrings with a lightweight gemstone will add a pop of color to your style.

  4. Some people have multiple earring piercings. It’s a style statement. Multiple piercings are an opportunity to express yourself, and studs are an ideal choice for stacking on your ears. Choosing a diamond stud, a gemstone stud, a gold stud, or any other stud will reflect your personality and jazz up your style.

  5. Gender neutral. Diamond stud earrings, along with other stud earrings, are gender neutral. Some jewelry was definately designed for women or men. When it comes to wearing earrings, stud earrings are perfect for all.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Quality

Diamond stud earrings are smaller, and as stated above, you don’t have to worry about color and clarity as much. Buying quality diamonds is important, so you know that you are getting the most for your money.

Diamond quality is determined by the 4Cs, cut, clarity, color, and carat. 

Diamond Engagement Ring

1. Diamond Color Actually Means Lack of Color

 A diamond with no color, like a drop of water, is valued higher than a diamond with some color. All diamonds are evaluated, from D (diamonds with no color) to Z (diamond with color). A diamond expert, under controlled lighting, compares the diamond to “master-stones” to determine the absence of color, and gives the diamond a rating.

Diamond Stud Earrings

2. Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity refers to the absence of “inclusions” (substances, spots, etc. included in the structure of the diamond) and “blemishes” (external characteristics).

Diamonds are created under pressure and heat, and therefore have both inside and external characteristics that need to be evaluated by size, nature, position, and relief. How do they affect the appearance of the diamond?

The purer a diamond is, the better the Clarity.

Clarity is appraised after looking at the diamond under powerful magnification. Then a Diamond Clarity Scale is used to give the diamond an overall clarity rating. 

3. Understanding Diamond Cuts

Knowing how your diamond is cut is essential in knowing your diamond and its value and ability to transmit light and sparkle.

There are diamonds cut round, heart-shaped, oval, marquise, and pear. A skilled gem cutter will know exactly how to cut a diamond, so it interacts with the light to enhance its beauty and value. The way a diamond is cut will affect its brightness, fire, and scintillation.

  • Brightness: Internal and external white light reflected from a diamond.

  • Fire: The scattering of white light into all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Scintillation: The amount of sparkle a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond.

4. Carat weight

By using 200 milligrams as a “carat”, the weight of your diamond can be given within a hundredth decimal place.

Larger diamonds are rarer, and thus more valuable and desirable. Remember that the value of a diamond is not only its weight, but also its color, clarity, and cut.

diamond stud earrings

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are used in diamond stud earrings. They are created with high-pressure and heat, which uses machines to mimic the process natural diamonds were made under.

Physically and optically, lab diamonds and natural diamonds are the same. Natural diamonds have trace amounts of nitrogen and boron. Natural diamonds could have a yellow or blue tinge. Natural diamonds could have microscopic particles, and the shape may be different.

A lab created diamond is less expensive than a comparable natural diamond, making lab created diamonds more affordable. If your budget is a concern, finding quality lab grown diamond stud earrings may be an option.

A disadvantage of a lab created diamond is they don’t hold their resale value as well as a natural diamond. If you want diamonds for investments or to upgrade or sell in the future, lab created have disadvantages.

The quality of lab created diamonds is higher than naturally produced, since they are created under controlled conditions. They are typically brighter and whiter.

Lab created diamonds have a clear history and traceable source. Natural diamonds come from mining conditions that impact the people and countries they are mined in. Naturally, mined diamonds cause significant environmental impacts.

There are certified lab grown diamonds evaluated by a geological laboratory to become a certified diamond. When buying a diamond, make sure it is certified if you want to ensure the diamond’s quality.

Pawning Jewelry

Where to Purchase Diamond Stud Earrings

Jewelry stores, an online diamond vendor, or a pawn shop all have diamond stud earrings for everyday wear. They may be the place to find a perfect pair.

A pawnshop is an option when you are Christmas shopping, and Western Loan and Jewerly has a stunning selection of luxury items where you can purchase your favorite pair for gift giving. They have some of the best diamonds and so many different styles when it comes to gold and diamond jewelry.

If you are looking for particular earring styles, pawn shops like Western Loan and Jewelry have many styles to choose from. Solitaire studs are some of the most favorite gifts to give. Add a pair to a unique style necklace, and your Christmas giving is complete.

diamond stud earrings

Western Loan and Jewelry

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