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Where Do I Buy a Women’s Diamond Watch or Diamond Jewelry For an Affordable Price?

I have always wanted to buy a diamond watch. I remember as a little girl admiring my aunt’s diamonds. She had diamond rings, diamond necklaces, and an elegant diamond watch that she would wear on special occasions.

My mama said she was getting all “spiffy.” I thought that spiffy must be a very sophisticated way of getting dressed up, getting the diamond jewelry out of the jewelry box so you could wear it and show it off. My Aunt always seemed more confident when she was all “spiffied” up.

When I was a small child, I would watch my Aunt help my mom decorate for a dinner party and knew someday I would be able to apply the things they showed me about hosting a private dinner party for friends.

I learned the fine nuances of social etiquette from my mother and things that society considers acceptable. I understood that consideration, respect, and honesty were the three principles that stand behind the manners we have and how we conduct ourselves when entertaining others.

Oh, how I hoped I would own a diamond luxury watch, a gold necklace, and a diamond bracelet someday.

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Take Time to Learn About Luxury Watches, Gold Jewelry, and Other Designer Items Before You Shop

As life went on and I went off to college, I never lost the dream of owning fine diamond jewelry. I read plenty of articles about diamonds, how they were appraised using the 4 Cs, and what different types of gold are used in different timepieces and accessories. I subscribed to a monthly designer newsletter that wrote about style and how to present yourself. I gathered coupons for discounts that were offered when you subscribe to other similar online magazines.

Certainly, as a college student, I didn’t have a load of money, so I thought the coupons could help. I couldn’t just go out and buy the first piece of jewelry I wanted.

When I took a break from homework in the evening, I looked online for the pieces I wanted. I would happily browse different sites and see what women designer watches, luxury handbags, and gold jewelry women were currently wearing. I knew I loved the color of Louis Vuitton and Chanel luxury handbags and, oh, the craftsmanship.

I wanted a gold watch with diamonds, and I looked at what Rolex had to offer. The Oyster Perpetual was described as an entry-level Rolex watch for women, and the price was GBP 5,121.67 or US$6,650. This watch didn’t compromise quality and style, but unfortunately, it would compromise my bank account.

I put in the browser, “Where do I buy an affordable gold watch for women?”

I discovered that pawnshops often have designer watches at affordable prices with a click. Yes!

Western Loan and Jewelry

Western Loan and Jewelry came up at the top of my search results, and with a click of a button, I discovered they were in my neighborhood. They serve Downey and Monterey Park and other communities in East LA.

I looked at their online store just to see what was in their inventory. They had a few watches I was sort of interested in, and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to go by and see the watches in person. I also noticed that they ship, which is a nice option too. The pages don’t their website had an easy-to-follow layout, and the content was informative.

I hadn’t even been to a pawn shop before, so I knew the options I had to choose from and how to find just the benefits of shopping at a pawnshop.

The benefits of shopping at a pawnshop are huge.

  1. Western Loan and Jewelry authenticates its luxury items and tests each item before going on the sales floor.

  2. Western Loan and Jewelry have a large inventory with a great selection. They give the details of each item, and online the photos are clear and show you the details.

  3. Western Loan and Jewelry give you an accurate appraisal, so you know why the offer they give is given and why the price is when you are buying.

  4. Western Loan and Jewelry doesn’t care about your credit score if you need a short-term collateral loan, and you get the cash you need before you walk out the door.

  5. Western Loan and Jewelry have affordable prices, and their prices are lower than standard retail stores.

  6. Western Loan and Jewelry have experts on their team, so you can ask them and feel confident that the answer is correct if you have questions.

QR Code for Niche Items

I visited the pawnshop and was delighted. There was a QR code to scan so I could get a discount by subscribing to an opt-in list for luxury watches. The pawnbroker said they would reach out to me if a luxury watch came in that might be what I was in the market for. I was amazed I didn’t have to enter a bunch of information. I just scanned the code, and then I got a text message, and I was signed up.

Enjoy Discounts

I also learned that they have new items in the store each month, so I gave them my email so I could receive an email about select holiday sales or specialty items that come into the store. I let the pawnbroker know the type of watches I was shopping for and the other luxury items I might be interested in. Although they didn’t have an exact match when I visited, I was confident that by the niche list I decided to join and the email notices, I would be able to find what I wanted at a reasonable price.

Short Term Loans

I was also delighted to know that I could use them for a loan if I needed one. Being a college student, sometimes cash gets tight. Western Loan and Jewelry isn’t concerned about my credit history. Their loans are for four months with low-interest rates set by the State of California. I now understood I could use an item that has value to secure a loan, like a credit card for instant cash.

They also have a “Quick Estimator.” to get a free loan estimate. This would certainly save me time in my busy world.

I love what Western Loan and Jewelry has to offer, and I love knowing I can build my style by shopping at their pawnshop for luxury items that fit my budget.


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