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With silver and gold prices on the rise, it is hard to hold on to gold jewelry, scrap gold, silver coins, silver jewelry, gold watches, white gold, sterling silver, unwanted jewelry, broken jewelry, and other precious metals, knowing you can get cash. Life gets in the way sometimes, and people need to have a reputable business where they can sell gold jewelry for the best price.

Gold jewelry, coins, gold watches, gold and silver necklaces, gold bracelets, gold and silver class rings, broken jewelry, gold and diamond engagement rings, gold and silver earrings, and just about anything gold and silver brings a higher price than they did before.

The rise in gold prices is due to the tension abroad, the increase in the federal interest rates, and the rise in cost for most everything consumers buy, like gasoline and food. Investors are looking to precious metals to complement their financial portfolios as a hedge against inflation.

Silver and gold, along with other precious metals, hold their value, and when the economy is weak, people want to buy gold. Now is the time to sell gold and silver because the price is up.

Gold, silver, and precious metals all have a ‘spot price.’ The ‘spot price’ is determined by the purist of gold, 24k, and .999 silver. The precious metal is then weighed, and the spot price is per ounce or troy ounce.

Throughout the day, the spot price fluctuates depending on what is going on in the market. In addition to the spot price of gold or silver, gold buyer and silver buyers have a premium which is their cost of doing business. The premium is deducted from the cash payout. If you are buying gold or silver, the premium is added to the total for the cost of doing business.

You can also sell gold and silver coins, and you want the highest cash offer you can get. Silver coins that bring the highest cash are the Roosevelt dime, Silver Washington Quarter, Walking Liberty half dollar, Kennedy half dollar, Morgan silver dollar, Silver Peace dollar. Eisenhower dollar, and the American Silver Eagle.

Pawn Shops

A pawn shop is an excellent place to start when finding silver buyers, gold buyers, and diamond buyers. Pawn shops have knowledgeable pawnbrokers skilled in valuing your items. They can be one of the best gold buyers because they can pay cash instantly. Pawn shops have the knowledge, experience, and quick cash.

Is the Local Pawn Shop Safe?

To determine if the local pawn shop that came up in your search browser is safe, contact the better business bureau and look to see what Google Reviews they have. When selling gold or another precious metal, you want to work with a reputable and honest store.

Pawn shops are often a part of other organizations or have certifications. These will tell you about their affiliations. Check out their website and see what they say. How long have they been in business? Do they do appraisals or have the equipment to test precious metals? Do they help the local community? Does the pawn shop business have secure locations that offer cash in hand? These things will give you an idea of how your local pawn shop conducts business.

Jewelry Store vs. Pawn Shop

A pawn shop is different from a jewelry store because jewelry stores don’t ordinarily buy broken gold jewelry, previously worn fine jewelry, or other items. They are in the business of selling gold jewelry. A pawn shop will buy, sell, and loan on gold jewelry, silver coins, fine jewelry, scrap gold, gold coins, sterling silver, white gold, gold bars, gold bullion, valuable old jewelry, diamonds, and gold earrings. They can offer cash and get you the most cash based on market value. Jewelry stores don’t typically outright buy gold.

Online Gold Buyers

There are places online that buy gold. They will test your gold and get you a quote. You have to send in your gold and gold jewelry items and then wait for payment.

Pawn Shop Resale Stores

Because pawnshops typically have a resale store or online store, they are looking for the jewelry they can sell, and so they will consider the resale value of your items when they are appraising them.

one hundred cash on white background

For instance, if you have a gold bracelet you would like to sell to a pawn shop, they will appraise it and compare the market value and the resale value on a few other sites. They aren’t a gold company, and they are interested in the gold value and the resale value. They will then decide their best offer and make you a cash offer for your gold. The process is simple and confidential, and the pawnbroker will keep you informed along the process.

Need Fast Cash?

Selling Gold or other valuable things.

Have you looked in your dresser or jewelry box to inventory your scrap jewelry, platinum coins, gold coins, gold watches, or other gold items to decide which would be good to sell? Well, now is the time.

Pawnshops will buy gold, gold jewelry, silver, silver coins, and other valuable things like diamonds, watches, musical instruments, name-brand tools, and designer handbags. They will get you the highest prices after checking the current market value, and Pawnshops are some of the best gold buyers.

Pawning gold, silver, gold watches, scrap gold, gold jewelry, gold coins, sterling silver, silver coins

Sometimes gold jewelry, a gold necklace, or a coin collection can have a sentimental value, and you don’t want to sell it outright. Consider using the items to get a secured loan. These types of loans are collateral loans, and they use the value of your gold and coin collection to ‘secure’ the loan until it is paid back.

Collateral Loans

Collateral loans don’t require credit checks if credit is an issue or you provide employment information. All that is needed is a state-issued ID and the value of your gold jewelry or coin collection is enough to cover the amount of the loan. If it isn’t, that’s not a problem. You can add other items like gold bars, fine jewelry, or other items.

The great thing about a secured loan is you don’t lose the things you put up for collateral. Instead, the pawn shop will hold your items in secure locations to keep your items safe. Once you pay off the loan, your items are returned in the same condition when you brought them in.

Western Loan and Jewelry

With over 50 years of experience, Western Loan and Jewelry is a family-owned business serving clients in Los Angeles, CA.

When you come into Western Loan and Jewelry for any reason, you will be greeted by a professional and friendly team that is prepared to help meet your needs. Whether you are looking to sell, put up items as collateral for a loan, or buy new & previously used items at an affordable price, we can assist you. It’s our goal to make the loan process as quick and easy as possible.

So you can come to us and identify us as the best pawn shop in the area.

Know that we are:

A CAPA trusted lender

Offer fantastic bargain prices

Provide a quick and easy loan process

Have more than 50 years of experience

If you are want to sell your gold, we want you to know that we value gold based on the current market value. There are several types of gold and silver, such as; 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, Pure, 585, 750, 800, 925, and sterling silver. These types typically identify the percentage of gold or silver in your item. For example, 14k means 58.5% gold, whereas 22k means 91% gold. The purer your gold or silver, the more we pay. 

We buy broken jewelry and scrap gold jewelry. We buy anything with gold or silver value and can test to verify.

We buy all gold & silver bullion & coins even if they aren’t stamped. If they do not have a silver or gold stamp, we will still take a look to see if there is value for the purchase. If your coin is authentic, NGC and PCGS graded, we will make an offer.

There is no limit to how much you can sell. We regularly buy $10-100k lots for clients.

We will test your gold, silver, and diamond free of charge, making it easy to determine the value and how much cash we can offer. We always pay top dollar.

Western Loan and Jewelry isn’t a jewelry store; we aren’t an exchange company or an impersonal online gold buyer.

We are a family-owned business that is the best pawn shop in the area providing exceptional service as gold buyers, diamond buyers, and silver buyers in Downy, CA, East Los Angeles, Monterey Park, and Alhambra communities.

Are you living in or around Downey, CA? Search for cash for gold Downey Loan and Jewelry, and we will pop right up. Or go directly to our website at https://www.westernloan.com/


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