It’s Your Lucky Day. Buy, Sell, Pawn Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and Fine Jewelry at Western Loan and Jewelry On St. Patrick’s Day.

Pawnbrokers are not like little green leprechauns who are mistrustful and detest humans. Leprechauns found abandoned gold and buried it so no human could ever find it. There is a pot of gold hidden where the end of any rainbow touches the earth.

At Western Loan and Jewelry, there is a pot of gold coins waiting just for you. We are always looking to buy gold coins and gold jewelry or loan on these items. If you have abandoned gold, don’t bury it but bring it by and let us make you a cash offer.

Yellow gold is considered lucky.

When you decide to sell or pawn your gold bullion, gold coins, gold and diamond jewelry, gold earrings, and other gold jewelry, it will be your lucky day because the spot price of gold is at a high, and it will bring you quick cash at our pawn shop.

Our pawnshop loves gold, and we love the gold on St. Patrick’s Day.

We aren’t even picky if it is yellow gold, or white gold, because gold is gold, and we want yours. Being experts in precious metals, skilled gold buyers, and paying the highest payouts on silver jewelry, Western Loan and Jewelry is available to get you the cash you need without waiting.

If you are looking to obtain a collateral loan, we are here to help. We have easy loan terms, and the process is simple. Their pawnshop is honest friendly, and the process is confidential and transparent. There is no deal too big for Western Loan and Jewelry.

Gold isn’t the only thing we take as collateral for a pawn loan. We will appraise platinum coins, silver coins, diamonds, scrap gold, fine jewelry, and silver jewelry to help you secure a short-term pawn loan, and once it’s paid off, your items will be returned.

Pawn loans are quick and easy and don’t require credit checks employment information, nor do you qualify for one. If the appraised value of your item covers the cost of the loan, you are “golden.”

We will also outright buy these exact items if you would prefer to get paid cash in return instead of getting a loan. As expert jewelry buyers and gold buyers, we know what your valuable items are worth and will work to get you a fair deal.

Maybe you have a gold Celtic knot ring you have been hanging on to and now want to sell. We are happy to look at it, appraise it, and offer you cash for it here in the East Los Angeles, Ca area. We will buy other valuable items like electronics, luxury purses, and name-brand tools you want to sell.

Selling gold to a pawnshop is safe, and you will leave with cash in hand.

Why do some people need a pawn loan or quick cash? Some people are down on their luck, and they are having difficulty making ends meet, or the luck of the draw has it that some people need the most cash they can get because of an emergent situation. Western Loan and Jewelry is ready to help.

We will buy valuable items that you want to sell.

Are you living in East Los Angeles, CA, wondering where to go for the highest payouts. Look no further. Western Loan and Jewelry will buy gold, buy silver, buy fine watches, buy diamonds, buy broken jewelry and scrap gold, and offer cash in hand before you leave.

In-store and Online Retail Store

Western Loan and Jewelry have an extensive in-store and online inventory of yellow gold earrings, necklaces, and bracelets just waiting for you to buy. Small shamrock-shaped charms and vintage shamrock gold pendants are a St. Patrick’s day hit.

Our retail store has just what you are looking for, and you can shop online, so you don’t have to leave your home and fight traffic. We carry fine watches, diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold bracelets, silver jewelry, gold coins and bullion, emerald and gold necklaces, electronics, power tools, and luxury handbags at the most competitive prices in the area.

Western Loan and Jewelry pawnbrokers are each trained as gold jewelry buyers and jewelry buyers who use the easy and trustworthy store process to buy valuable items from people who want to sell. This makes it possible to fill our inventory with things at a discounted price.

You never have to worry about the authenticity of what you are buying because we are experts and appraise what we buy.

Unlike big box jewelry stores, we have affordable prices to find just what you are looking for without paying too much. We are willing to consider offers and work with you to buy gold and diamonds, or other things from our inventory.

Rolex watch on mans wrist

Maybe you have a bonus you expect next month, but you want the Rolex from the fine watches you looked at at the store.

Western Jewelry and Loan will work with you.

We will help you take a short-term pawn loan against a diamond you own or another piece of gold jewelry so you can buy the Rolex. You can then pay the loan off when your bonus comes in, and there is no pre penalty for early payoff. It is your lucky day because you will get the money you need and find a solution, which is a win-win for you and the store.

There is a solution waiting at Western Loan and Jewelry.

Consider going through your items at home and bringing them in to see if you can sell them to us or use them as collateral to make up the difference on any item from our inventory you would like to purchase. We don’t have the highest prices like in Beverly Hills, so our inventory changes often because people come in and buy gold coins, sterling silver, diamonds, and gold daily.

How do you know that the deal that Western Jewelry and Loan offers is the best?

…Because Western Loan and Jewelry is a reputable pawnshop that offers excellent customer service, competitive prices, the highest cash payouts as a gold buyer.

We are experts as diamond buyers and consider all precious metals for a pawn. WesternLoan and Jewelry have an easy, confidential process to either sell or pawn your luxury items.

Our customers have left several positive reviews, and one customer said, “I ended up stopping in here solely based on the reviews I saw on Google…and they were extremely accurate! I was helped by a Joan (pronounced John) and a Justin. They could not have been more helpful or professional or personable; they even worked with me on a piece that I wanted to purchase! I cannot stress how great of an environment this is, not your typical pawnshop where what they offer is what you get. They will spend all the time they need with you going over options, payment time-frames, etc. Honestly the easiest and best experience I have ever had at a pawnshop. I now have a gorgeous tennis bracelet on layaway that I cannot wait to pick up! Thank you both, Joan and Justin; y’all have another happy customer!”


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