Are Pawnshops Able to Offer Secured Collateral Loans?

People living in the East Los Angeles area will be pleased to know that they can obtain a secured loan through a pawn shop. There is no need to search in google for “Jewelry Collateral Loans Near Me” because Western Jewelry and Loan offer the service. Pawn shops accept diamond jewelry, diamond engagement rings, luxury assets, fine jewelry, gold, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins, electronics, name brand tools, and other valuables as collateral when someone needs to borrow money.

Sometimes unexpected emergencies cause a financial crisis that was planned on, and circumstances dictate that a person must get money immediately. These situations cause stress and anxiety. Pawn shops can write a collateral loan based on the value of the item brought in by a customer. Most banks won’t consider short-term loans without background checks, which is not the case for a pawn loan.

Western Jewelry and Loan

Have you found yourself in a financially delicate situation? Do you live in the greater East Los Angeles area near Bell Gardens, Belvedere Gardens, or any surrounding areas? The good news is Western Loan and Jewelry is available to help.

The shop has a friendly team with experience with precious metals appraisals and jewelry loans. They make sure their customers leave their store, saying they feel confident working with the team. All appraisals are done in front of the customer, so the customer knows that the team can be trusted and know what they are doing. Having been in business for over 50 years, Western Loan and Jewelry is one of the area’s top-rated pawnshops in the area.

The pawnshop offers collateral appraisals so that customers leave knowing they received accurate appraisals for their gold and silver items. The updated metal testing methods use state-of-the-art jewelry appraisal technology and align with the industry’s highest quality standards.

Western Loan and Jewelry’s strict testing standards ensure genuine jewelry and bullion purchase and sell.

All jewelry brought into the shop by customers is tested and appraised by specially trained and certified brokers. They can test each piece quickly and thoroughly to offer clients the highest price for their jewelry based on its current market value.

Same Day Payouts

Clients are paid for their items by either cash or check and receive same-day payouts. The loan process is easy and confidential. Unlike many smaller shops, the pawnshop does not limit the amount of gold or silver clients can sell per visit. The store’s no limit policy is especially beneficial for clients with large estates.

Western Loan and Jewelry remain committed to continuing its legacy of providing high-quality, accurate appraisals. The shop also buys, sells, and loans against designer handbags, luxury watches like Patek Philippe, tools, electronics, and diamonds. Brokers will accept fine jewelry, loose diamonds, gold, and silver.

gold and diamond earrings

You Don't Have to Qualify

Sometimes a client needs a short-term loan, but they have bad credit, and most banks and credit unions they have visited won’t consider them even if the payments are set up through direct withdrawal. At Western Jewelry and Loan this isn’t a problem for Western Loan and Jewelry. Western Loan and Jewelry loan contract is easy to follow, and interest rates, loan payments, and the loan balance is spelled out precisely. Specializing in writing short-term loan terms on the client’s valuable piece makes it unnecessary to run a credit check or check a client’s work or credit history. As a trustworthy lender, payments are discussed, the interest rate is disclosed, and the loan is set up with the client leaving with quick cash. With the team’s help, it is easy to get a loan and Western Loan and Jewelry.

Free Appraisals

Western Jewelry and Loan experts offer a free appraisal service to set up a loan based on using jewelry as collateral. The free evaluation of the client’s valuable item adds to the final loan offer that is made. No one is ever obligated to agree to a small loan if they aren’t satisfied with the offer.

Customers can use gold bars and gold coins for a secured loan with Western Jewelry and Loan. If a client needs more money and fast cash to offset emergency expenses, Western Jewelry and Loan will pay top dollar to buy gold, diamonds, diamond jewelry, and bullion. The broker will base the value on current market prices offering the client fast cash.

Pawn Shops are Regulated

Western Jewelry and Loan is highly regulated by state laws, as with all pawn shops. All individuals who come into the store to buy, sell, or obtain a short-term loan must provide the store with a state-issued ID.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We offer the best prices for all gold, silver, or other jewelry items to ensure that clients always receive the best deal possible. Our shop located in the heart of East Los Angeles since 1964 and is committed to providing customers with the quality service they have come to expect from our shop.”


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