Buying and Selling Diamonds, Gold, and Jewelry in Montebello, CA

Christmas is nearly here. It’s the time you have to get out amongst the crowds and shop for those special people in your life. At Western Loan & Jewelry (323 210-4500), a pawn shop based in East Los Angeles we not only buy diamond jewelryloose diamonds, gold, and precious metals, we have a beautiful showroom where we are in the business of selling diamonds like engagement rings, diamond earrings, and pendants. Our inventory is always changing and the buyers pay less than big box stores.

Locations We Serve

With easy access to Montebello, Downey, Belvedere Gardens, Boyle Heights, Alhambraand the surrounding communities, our extremely knowledgeable experts will work with you to get you what you are looking for and our entire process is friendly and fun. Unlike big box jewelry stores whose tags are the final price, our diamond experts will help you get the best price on the piece of jewelry you want to buy. As a local pawn shop, who has a good standing with the better business bureau, we have a streamlined sales process characterized by quality, honesty, and integrity where we can sell diamond jewelry directly to our customers so they don’t have to search all over the area for that special piece at an affordable price. With our large selection of fine jewelry, we can offer an excellent price on our inventory.

Diamond Engagement Ring

'Tis The Season

Were you thinking of “popping the question” and need to find that perfect bridal set? The value and price point of our jewelry and extremely knowledgeable team make the whole process worth the trip in to see us at Western Jewelry and Loan.

Online Shop

Does your little girl need a simple diamond pendant to open up on Christmas Day? Go to our online and save yourself a trip into the store, while finding exactly what you are looking for. You along with our other online diamond buyers won’t be disappointed with our ever-changing inventory. Remember to check back often because our products change often. We keep our website up to date.

What Pointers Are There for Picking out a Diamond Bridal Set? First, Figure Out Your Budget

Everyone has their own tastes and ideas for the “perfect” wedding set. The diamond industry is vast. There are professional diamond buyers who are always willing to sell you a diamond at a premium price. Don’t get caught up in the hype. One of the first things is to decide on your budget. You need to spend what you can afford on the ring. The truth is you should spend what you can afford and feel comfortable with. As a rule of thumb, big box jewelry stores will sell their product at a higher price than a pawnshop. Here at Western Jewelry and Loan, we are a reputable diamond buyer which means we can sell diamonds at a lower price. Unlike a big box jewelry store, we buy diamonds, buy jewelry and gold, and as a result, we can negotiate prices and get our customers bargain deals.

Second, Do Your Discovery

Remember that girls talk. Get with your girlfriend’s friends and see what type of diamond jewelry she likes. They will be excited to help. Have you noticed if she likes gold or silver? This will make a difference when you are shopping. Our inventory changes and we carry both platinum and white gold engagement rings. Check back often if we don’t have what you are looking for. Chances are we may have it later in the month.

Third, Hone in on Her Style

After you have done some discovery by talking to her friends and noticing if she wears more gold or silver, remember conversations you have had. Does she like vintage jewelry? Does she like precious stones? Any subtle clues will help. Go with your gut. You will be happily surprised how much you know about what she likes.

Fourth: Find Out Her Ring Size

Take some time to notice what ring she wears. When she isn’t looking, take a pencil and trace around the outside of the ring (the circumference). This will give you a fairly good idea of what size ring she wears. Maybe her friends would help out and have her go and try on costume jewelry for fun and get the size for you. Just know that it’s much easier to size down than size up a ring.

Fifth: Go Shopping

There is no tide and true way to do this. Some couples decide to shop together or may find themselves perusing the internet as online diamond buyer. Some men find they want to shop on their own and surprise their girlfriend. Regardless, remember pawnshops will have beautiful engagement rings at a fraction of the cost. At Western Jewelry and Loan we will help you along the way. Come see us and make your dreams come true.

What if You Don't Have Funds but Need to Buy Gifts?

Maybe you are in a situation where you don’t really have the money needed to buy that diamond you saw and liked. At Western Jewelry and Loan we have options! One option is you can bring in an item of value and sell it to us outright for immediate payment. Another option is to secure a collateral loan with an item of value. We are a high-class pawnshop here at Western Jewelry and Loan that offers the highest price on luxury bags, gold, or outdated jewelry you would like to sell directly or use for a collateral loan. We are in the business to sell diamonds and jewelry at a reduced cost to our customers, and we are in the business to loan and buy directly at a good price.

How Do I Sell My Item or Secure a Collateral Loan?

Take a minute and look through your jewelry box, garage, dresser drawer and see if you have something of value that would bring top dollar. You may have gold, loose diamonds, an instrument, luxury handbags, or some other item of value. You have to decide if you want to sell the item or decide if you aren’t willing to part with it. Either way, getting more money for your item is critical. You can visit our pawnshop, and we will make you an offer, and you can decide if you want to sell it or use your item as collateral for a quick and easy loan. We will look at the item, appraise its value based on the market, and get you the most cash we can while you wait. You will be relieved to receive payment before you walk out the door. The whole process is simple and confidential. We will work with you along the way, and our company prides itself on customer service. If you want a brief description of the process, call our store; we will walk you through it to feel confident and get your needs met.

What is considered when appraising a diamond for a collateral loan?

There are different factors that our company considers when purchasing or lending money against loose diamonds, diamond pieces, a bridal set with diamonds, or a diamond engagement ring. The price quote depends on the market value of the item which is determined by its size, cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. For a cluster of diamonds, the payout is based on the value of each diamond in the cluster, and if the diamonds are situated in a brand-name jewelry item such as a Tiffany necklace, the payout can be considerably more because of the intrinsic value and brand value of the product. Western Loan and Jewelry typically pay more for items that are deemed easy to sell. These include Tiffany diamonds, Zales diamonds, loose diamonds, and 1-carat diamonds.

Bring in Your Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Certificate

If you bring in a loose diamond and have a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate available, bring it too! The GIA certificate is conducted by GIA trained gemologists and is the main diamond grading certificate recognized in the world. By bringing in the certificate with your diamond/diamonds it will bring value and help us get you top dollar. Rest assured, our extremely knowledgeable team is skilled and loves diamonds. They are pleased to be in the diamond market.

What are the 4Cs?

As part of the appraisal process for selling or getting a collateral loan against your diamonds, the team will look at the 4cs to appraise your diamonds and we encourage you to know the “4” Cs.

Know the Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight of Diamonds:

1. Diamond Color Actually Means Lack of Color

A Diamond with no color, like a drop of water, is valued higher than a diamond with some color. All diamonds are evaluated from D (diamonds with no color) to Z (diamond with color). A diamond expert, under controlled lighting, compares the diamond to “masterstones” to determine the absence of color and gives the diamond a rating.

2. Diamond Clarity

Diamond Clarity refers to the absence of “inclusions” (substances, spots, etc. included in the structure of the diamond) and “blemishes” (external characteristics). Diamonds are created under pressure and heat and as a result, they have both inside and external characteristics that need to be evaluated by size, nature, position, and relief. The question is how do they affect the overall appearance of the diamond? The purer a diamond is the better the Clarity. Clarity is appraised after looking at the diamond under powerful magnification and then determining what inside characteristics it has (inclusions). Then a Diamond Clarity Scale is used to give the diamond an overall clarity rating.

3. Diamond Cuts

Knowing how your diamond is cut is essential in knowing your diamond and its value and ability to transmit light and sparkle. There are diamonds that are cut round, heart-shaped, oval, marquise, and pear. A skilled gem cutter will know exactly how to cut a diamond so it interacts with the light to enhance its beauty and value.

4. Carat weight

By using 200 milligrams as a “carat”, the weight of your diamond can be given within a hundredth decimal place. Larger diamonds are rarer and thus more valuable and desirable. Remember that the value of a diamond is not only its weight but also the color, clarity, and cut.

Is Getting a Collateral Loan from a Pawn Shop Safe?

Western Loan and Jewelry is a CAPA trusted lender.

CAPA - The California Pawnbroker Association

The California Pawnbroker Association is made up of responsible brokers and dealers in the pawn industry. The members earn value and respect from their communities by participating in community outreach programs and cultivating good relationships with community leaders, law enforcement, state legislators, and local government.

Bonded and Insured

Western Loan and Jewelry is fully insured, licensed, and bonded. When you come into our store with your valuable item trying to get the cash you need, we give you an initial estimate of whether we can accept your item or not. If it appears that you would like to go forward with the process and we are going to accept your item, we will go through the entire process so you understand what is going on. We are transparent and will answer any questions you may have.

About Quotes

All quotes on diamonds, gold, and watches are free and you are under no obligation to sell or pawn unless you choose to do so. All appraisals and transactions are strictly confidential between the pawnbroker and the client. The business operates under a strict policy upon which it will not accept stolen goods. Customers are required to show identification, give a thumbprint and a signature. Every item is reported to the Department of Justice as is the law in California.

About Us:

With over 50 years of experience, we are a primer pawn shop serving East Los Angeles, California where residents can sell, pawn, and loan personal assets. When you come into Western Loan and Jewelry for any reason, you will be greeted by a professional and friendly team that is prepared to help serve your needs. We understand that sometimes people need financial help to get them through a difficult time or unexpected expense. We also know that people will have things they have held on to for years and are now ready to clean things out and make some money. Whatever the situation, we can assist you whether you are looking to sell, put up items as collateral for a loan, or buy new and previously used items at an affordable price. It is our goal to make the loan & purchase process as quick and easy as possible. We have a wide selection of discounted jewelry if you are in the market to buy. According to a spokesperson for the pawnshop, “If you are looking for a place that you can sell your jewelry and valuables or put them up on loan in a time of need, we can help. We provide simple, trusted, pawn and loan services in East Los Angeles.”

What Others Are Saying?

Our reviews speak for themselves. One customer said, “My experience with Tony was incredible. I brought in a ring that belonged to my girlfriend’s (now fiancé) grandmother. After discussing design ideas, Tony worked with his jeweler to create an engagement ring with the diamonds from the original ring.The ring came out better than I imagined. I proposed this past weekend and she said yes!”


It is the Christmas, gift-giving season, and a season for proposals. Rather you are looking to buy an engagement ring, a pair of diamond earrings a gift, a few luxury handbags, or a simple diamond pendant for that little girl come into Western Jewelry and Loan.


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